Baileys Blinds showrooms display many types of window blinds and are located in Bury St Edmunds and Brandon in Suffolk.
The Bury St Edmunds factory showroom is located in Eastern Way. Vertical, roller and pleated blinds are manufactured on the premises. Venetian blinds and outside awnings are also on sale from the Baileys Blinds Bury St Edmunds showroom. Access to the shop is easy, there is ample parking on the premises.
The Brandon showroom is near the crossroads in London Road. Baileys Blinds have an extensive range of window blind pattern books and fabric swatches in both showrooms.
You can measure, select and fit your blinds yourself or take advantage of Baileys Blinds measuring and fitting service. Our staff are available to provide help and advice in the Suffolk showrooms or by telephone or email.
Baileys Blinds are always publishing news and information through social media channels. Facebook and Twitter feeds are embedded in this blog and our . We have also tried to provide information and advice in the posts on this blog.
Should you have any questions or need help and advice about window blinds do not hesitate to contact Baileys Blinds.

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Baileys Blinds High Tech Vertical Blind Manufacturing

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Baileys Blinds use a high tech  computer controlled Technolight TS 2000 machine to make the slats for our vertical blinds. The TS 2000 cuts, punches and welds a top and bottom pocket and automatically inserts a hanger into the slat. … Continue reading

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Pleated roofblinds on conservatory roof vents

Conservatories can become very hot in summer and one way to help to keep them cool is to install fully opening roof vents. The vents can be manually or electrically actuated. Pleated roof blinds will provide help with the heat and glare but the blinds must retract when the window vent is open.The actuator, if electric or screw jack, if manual prevents the the blind travelling from top to bottom.

The snappy solution is to make one pleated roof blind in which the top section goes to the top and the bottom section goes to the bottom. The conservatory roof blind can be fully opened or closed across the roof vent window. The roof blind can be retracted both ways and the vent opened to allow hot air to escape. Baileys Blinds show many images of conservatory roof blinds on our Facebook page



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Window handles and Perfect Fit fit window blinds.

Window handle with perfect fit spacerThere are sometimes situations where you cannot open the windows in a conservatory after perfect fit blinds have been fitted to the windows. The perfect fit frame thickens the window frame approximately 10mm preventing the window handle rotating. Fortunately Baileys Blinds have a snappy solution to this problem.


Window handle with spacer for perfect fit frameThe window handle can be easily removed and a white plastic spacer is inserted between the window handle and the window frame. After the window handle is tightened down there is sufficient clearance between handle and perfect fit frame to allow the window to be opened.



window handle with spacer for  perfect fit blind When fitted to the window handle the white plastic spacer is not obtrusive and appears to be part of the original window opening mechanism. Baileys Blinds show many more pictures of perfect fit blinds which can be found on the Facebook link on our website.

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Perfect fit pleated blinds for The Apex Venue in Bury St Edmunds

The doors surrounding the stage area at The Apex Venue in Bury St Edmunds  have vision panels which allow people to look into the performance and for the audience to be distracted by movement in the surrounding service areas. Baileys Blinds were asked by St Edmundsbury Borough Council to provide a solution to this problem.

Perfect fit blind in Apex Venue door vision panel

Perfect fit blind in Apex Venue door vision panel

Perfect blind in Apex changing room.

Perfect blinds give privacy for Apex changing rooms.

Baileys Blinds solved the problem by installing manually operated pleated blinds with perfect fit frames inside the vision panels. The perfect fit blinds are easy to operate and blend in so well that they appear to be part of the doors. The audience are no longer distracted by people moving outside the auditorium during a performance.

Vertical blinds in The Apex Venue, Bury St Edmunds.

Vertical blinds in The Apex Venue, Bury St Edmunds.

Flame retardant black out vertical blinds were installed in the administration room and dance studio studio on the upper floor. Perfect fit blinds were fitted to the vision panels to provide privacy when the rooms are used as dressing rooms.
Hosting a variety of music, entertainment and corporate events, The Apex will offer the local community entertainment in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and the wider environs a unique and exciting space from which visitors can see a great selection of artists and bands. For more information visit our website.

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String vertical blinds in Formula 1 red

String vertical blinds

Vertical blinds with strings.

Baileys Blinds in Bury St Edmunds and Brandon are now making string vertical blinds. The string slats are 89mm wide and are supplied in 3 metre lengths which are easily cut to size on site.

String Blinds provide a soft alternative to the standard vertical blind  giving privacy while maintaining the open feeling to your room. String vertical blinds can also be used as a soft room divider in commercial situations.

The string blind louvres are great for patio doors as the blinds can remain closed and still be walked through without causing damage. Pets can come and go and the strings form a  walk through fly screen and insect barrier.

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Roller blind over kitchen sink

Baileys Blinds manufacture, supply and install roller blinds. The roller blind shown is fitted into a wooden batten. It is operated by a side chain mechanism which is now the preferred method of roller blind adjustment.

Roller blind with border pattern fitted over kitchen sink from Baileys Blinds.

Roller blind with border pattern fitted over kitchen sink.

The 32mm aluminium roller tube is covered with the border pattern Morning Glory Blossom from Eclipse Blind System. The bottom scallop is hand made by Baileys Blinds in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk and is trimmed with braid.
Some of the roller blind fabrics Baileys Blinds offer can be seen at

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Central bunching vertical blinds.

It is possible to draw vertical blinds to the centre of the window instead of to one or each side. The vertical blind will not flap in the wind if a side window is opened. Some of Baileys Blinds customers prefer this option because they will not be disturbed by any  movement of the blind.

Middle bunching vertical blind

Vertical blind with centre bunching.

The vertical blind in the picture has been made with 89mm wide Carnival china white, washable, flame retardant fabric. Baileys Blinds have showrooms in Bury St Edmunds and Brandon in Suffolk. You can see the complete Carnival fabric range at

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Vertical Blinds for square bay window.

Baileys Blinds are able to supply and install vertical blinds in square bay windows. The installation consists of three separate vertical blinds, one across the front and two smaller blinds returning at the sides. The blinds were fitted into the plaster board ceiling with metal hollow fixings.
The vertical slats are made in 89mm width Nocturne Caramel blackout fabric from the Louvolite catalogue. The Nocturne range can be viewed on the Vertical Blind Catalogue link at

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Black and white roller blind over kitchen sink.

Baileys Blinds on Facebook have fitted a roller blind covered in Orchid Black fabric with a black braided trim in Bury St Edmunds. The roller blind was screwed upwards by the Baileys Blind fitter into the window lintel so that it would not hit the window handle when lowered.

Orchid roller blind

Orchid roller blind

Orchid roller blind in black and white kitchen

Orchid roller blind in black and white kitchen

The finishing touch of a black and white roller blind for the expertly installed black and white kitchen. Baileys Blinds knows its a little known fact that small onions have more

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Perfect Fit Conservatory Pleated Blinds

Installing Perfect Fit pleated blinds

Installing Perfect Fit pleated blinds

Perfect Fit pleated blinds- The finished job

Perfect Fit pleated blinds- The finished job

Perfect fit pleated blinds - The outside view

Perfect fit pleated blinds – The outside view

Baileys Blinds have just installed Perfect Fit conservatory pleated blinds to the side windows in a white upvc conservatory located just outside Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk.
The pleated blinds are mounted in perfect fit frames manufactured in the Baileys Blinds factory at Eastern Way, Bury St Edmunds. The perfect fit frames are attached to the windows by brackets which slide in between the glass and the window bead. There are no holes to drill the blinds just clip into place and are easily removed for cleaning if necessary.

The pleated blinds are made from polyester and are fully retractable. Perfect fit pleated  blinds  look  like they are part of the window

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