Meet the blindman

I was sent to fit a venetian blind near Bury St Edmunds. A man who I had not met before¬†answered the door. He came quite close to me and looked at me very closely. I tried to show him the badge on my coat but he still looked at me suspiciously. I found this strange because I would have been expected at this time on this day. It never occurred to me to say I ‘m from Baileys Blinds.

Then at last I said that I had come to fit the blind in bathroom. He said alright and led me into the house and offered to make me a drink while I got on with the job. He brought me a cup of tea a few minutes later and apologised for being hesitant at the front door. He then explained that he had limited vision and  was virtually blind.

I said that this was the first time I had met a blind man on a job and told him that I hadn’t realised that he was blind.He explained that the retinas in his eyes were damaged and he only had peripheral vision left. It allowed him to move around the house normally and made me think that his sight was normal.

I have been called ‘the blindman’ many times so it seemed strange to me to meet a blind man myself. There is more about the blindman on

About blindman

Blind fitter living in Suffolk
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