Window handles and Perfect Fit fit window blinds.

Window handle with perfect fit spacerThere are sometimes situations where you cannot open the windows in a conservatory after perfect fit blinds have been fitted to the windows. The perfect fit frame thickens the window frame approximately 10mm preventing the window handle rotating. Fortunately Baileys Blinds have a snappy solution to this problem.


Window handle with spacer for perfect fit frameThe window handle can be easily removed and a white plastic spacer is inserted between the window handle and the window frame. After the window handle is tightened down there is sufficient clearance between handle and perfect fit frame to allow the window to be opened.



window handle with spacer for  perfect fit blind When fitted to the window handle the white plastic spacer is not obtrusive and appears to be part of the original window opening mechanism. Baileys Blinds show many more pictures of perfect fit blinds which can be found on the Facebook link on our website.

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2 Responses to Window handles and Perfect Fit fit window blinds.

  1. neil abel says:

    how do you measure and fit the perfect fit shaped roof blinds

  2. blindman says:

    Dear Neil,
    It is relatively easy to fit Perfect Fit roof blinds because they clip into position.
    You actually measure the upvc glass taking the roof blind frame into consideration, but I’m afraid that isnt all. The blind frame profiles have to be milled to fit around any vents or tie-bars and must extend and retract around any roof vents. It is not a simple process and it is easy to make mistakes.
    I would say that measuring triangles and shapes to fit yourself is risky and could prove expensive. Shaped Perfect Fit roof blinds are not really a DIY product.
    I’m sorry that I havent really answered your question but I know a company that surveys manufactures and installs perfect fit roof blinds but this would depend upon your location.
    If you would like some prices email a diagram with some dimensions and I’ll put you in touch.
    If you have any other questions please contact me.

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